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Smokers Could Save the World

Here’s an idea. Smokers spend session after session after session standing in groups sucking on cigarettes. How about they put those hours of standing to good use. Counting on a modest stat of 50% of the smokers in the world being of average to above average intelligence (although considering the fact that they are smoking maybe that is being too generous), what if Smokers were, while they take smoke breaks, contracted to come up with solutions to the problems of the world.

It could work.

The rest of us are too busy working, if Smokers are going to take such regular and lengthy breaks they should use it to contribute to the greater good of humankind instead of just staring out into oblivion or gossiping. We could allot various problems to different groups of Smokers. Western Cape Smokers could tackle the issue of how to replace BBBEE with a system that really did address the inequalities established during the reign of Apartheid. Nigerian Smokers living in Lagos could tackle the problem of over-populated cities and so on.

It could work.

We’d have study groups. People will walk around with backpacks full of material so that when they went on their smoke breaks they could pull out a book and refer to various texts to back up their reasoning. Every quarter of the year we’d hold an international conference hosted by a group of Smokers inviting the rest of the world to attend and experience the solutions they’ve come up with. Universities would spring up for the sole purpose of testing and implementing these solutions. The world could become a better place (over time of course) and we’d owe it all to Smokers.

It could work.

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  1. James Jones
    April 8, 2012 at 1:45 am

    I like this idea. Maybe you should suggest it to a smokers group and give them the opportunity to run with it. These days I’m having to deal with the definition of “outdoors” as a group of people smoke just outside the building but still within distance of several non smokers who vehemently do not appreciate the second hand smoke. Neither party is prepared to just move a little in either direction.

    • April 8, 2012 at 1:22 pm

      I’m glad you agree, James. I really struggle to understand snokers who seem to think us non-smokers should be a bit more compassionate. The saddest sight yet was arriving at Dubai airport and watching smokers from all around the world pile into a small glass box, pained and haggard.

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